Why would you want to go to work in Turkey?

Working abroad is an experience envisaged by many employees or students at the end of their studies. In addition, Turkey and in particular Istanbul is attracting more and more expatriates, so why not you? Discover the different recruitment possibilities in Turkey and the advantages of living there.

Recruitment in Turkey: how to do it?

If you are thinking to move to Turkey, you will first need to make sure you find a job there. There is no shortage of opportunities since this country is an important partner of the European Union. Many companies set up branches there and send employees there. United Kingdom, for example, is Turkey’s 2nd trading partner, while the latter is UK’s 11th partner. Trade between the two countries amounted to 14 billion euros in 2019.

If you want to work there you can hire the services of a recruitment company in Turkey. It can help you to be employed by a local company or to work for a foreign company in VIE (international volunteering in company). You can also consider the Payroll in Turkey to work independently for different clients.

Working in Turkey: the advantages

A formative experience abroad

Working abroad has many advantages. Of course, you change your everyday life and soak up a new culture, which is enriching both from a personal and professional point of view. In addition, Turkey is not among the countries most in demand by expatriate candidates, unlike English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia or the United States. You can find recruitment opportunities in Turkey with foreign companies or local companies that work with Europe. You can easily highlight this experience a little off the beaten track, on your CV.

The cost of living

If you choose to find a job in Turkey and settle there, you can enjoy a fairly low cost of living and a quality of life and services equal to those of Europe. Although Istanbul is more expensive than the rest of the country, prices are more like those of Berlin than Paris or London. The other cities are even cheaper while having a pleasant living environment.

The climate

Coastal cities but also Istanbul benefit from a warm and sunny climate most of the year. Temperatures can sometimes rise above 35 ° in summer and winters are mild. If you like the sun, you will quickly get used to this Mediterranean climate.

To find other destinations that may interest you, check out travel blogs.

To learn a new language

Difficult to live in Turkey without speaking Turkish, because the inhabitants are not very strong in foreign languages, except in the more touristy districts. Taking a few tricks lessons is therefore compulsory, especially if you are looking for recruitment in Turkey. However, this language is not very difficult to learn. It has the same alphabet as in French and the pronunciation is not very complex.

Travel at low cost

Turkey is ideally located between Asia, Europe and Africa, which will allow you to enjoy tourist destinations such as Greece, Egypt, India, or Dubai at very attractive prices. Few countries have this advantage.

Visa extension

If recruiting in Turkey is simple enough, visa extension is almost as easy. To learn more about this procedure, click on this link.


Culturally, Turkey is a very rich country. You can take advantage of your recruitment in Turkey to visit its many historic sites and discover its history. Although the country is 99% Muslim, very few Turks are active. You should not suffer too great a culture shock, especially since the country is secular, just like France. You can also find interesting information about The History of Turkish Cuisine here.

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