Why is a Global Focus Important?

A Global Focus is essential for a college graduate of the 21st century because:  

  1. Intercultural communication skills are more important than ever before. Employees with these soft skills are able to understand different cultural contexts and viewpoints, demonstrate respect for others, and display an openness for new ways of thinking.
  2. This deepened understanding and more flexible method of thinking prepares individuals to tackle global solutions to worldwide problems.
  3. More than two thirds of employers report that their employees engage frequently with colleagues outside of their country, and over half say that their employees engage frequently with partners and clients outside of their country.
  4. Employers state that two of the most important soft skills to have are respect for others, and the ability to work in diverse teams.
  5. Students with international experience are viewed by prospective employers as independent, self-reliant, adaptable, open-minded, patient and tolerant.

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